Typesun Live w/ DJ Miles Day (The Sure Shot) 28-01-17

Typesun Live w/ DJ Miles Day (The Sure Shot) 28-01-17

Cosmogramma are delighted to welcome an extremely rare live show from the Jazz informed, dance-floor tempting compositions of Typesun at the final night of Independent Venue Week 2017.

Bristol based Luke Harney is the centre around which the textural, orchestral, jazz tinged Electronica of Typesun falls - coming to attention with crossover Neo-Soul such as ‘The PL’, marked by fractured emotional vocals as much as lo-fi Disco bass licks. 

Since, he’s taken time over gems of releases, with February’s ‘Make It Right’ a clearly honed and perfected piece of dancefloor enigmatism, “Eastern orchestral lick and terse cello riff send your anticipation off in one direction, only to have the ice-cool disco core of the track neatly step out of a side alley and send your body in a whole other direction.”

With production acrobatics that come magically alive in person, expect a stunning live show at Gwdihw, with Sure Shot & Fat City DJs playing Jazzy Electronic-Disco cuts until late.

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