17/11/18 - The Lotus Tribe (10 yrs of Gwdihw) w/ Blue Honey + Hully Gully

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Join Blue Honey, The Sure Shot and Hully Gully as we celebrate our favourite friendly and intimate venue turning 10 years old!

To keep you dancing we’ve invited the tasty 6 piece known as The Lotus Tribe, made up of Cardiff greats from bands such as Afro Cluster, Ramnastax and Fogo.

The Lotus Tribe combine virtuoso jazz-piano, brass, flute & rhythm section into a heady, textural, heavy mix of jams. 

Check the video to original composition “River Spirit” recorded at Fieldgate Studio, Cardiff.

In addition you’ve got the funky four DJs spinning into the early hours…

- Andy Warphole (Blue Honey)
- Chris Conroy (Dusty Fingers)
- DJ Veto (Afro Cluster)
- Miles Day (Sure Shot)

Tickets: £4 / £5 / £6 - Sold out

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