Habibi Funk // John Stapleton // Gwdihw // Cardiff // 12-11-16

Habibi Funk is a label and platform for funky/soulful and/or psych influenced music from the Arab world of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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Jannis of Jakarta Records got to travel a lot in north Africa in the last years thru touring with Blitz The Ambassador and a studio session with Oddisee and Olof Dreijer of The Knife for the “Sawtuha” project in Tunisia. While being there he did some record digging and found some incredible music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Since then he went to Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt searching for records. It’s incredible to see how the music of these days seem to be the opposite of the very stereotypical idea of the “the Arab world” mainstream media portrays way too often.

Some of the music has zero info on the net, was never sold on ebay and has not been “rediscovered” by a wider audience yet, while others are somewhat classics in the field of “Arabic groove“. Up to date Jannis has done 4 mixes of said music, that have been prominently featured by sites such as The Guardian, Okayplayer, Wax Poetics and many more.

Playing original and incredibly rare vinyl, Jannis’ DJ sets are a unique blend of funky sounds from Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and the European Arabic diaspora.


+ John Stapleton (Wanted Records)

John has been collecting records and DJing for longer than he cares to remember. He’s compiled 15 LPs for labels React and Harmless, dabbled in music production and his own record labels, and played records in clubs and festivals from Iceland to Australia.

Previously behind such seminal Bristol clubs as Def Con, The Cooker, Vision and BlowPop, he currently plays at two regular nights in Bristol – Go, Go Children and Easton Standard Time – playing funk, soul and reggae music, all on original vinyl releases, and can be found at festivals from WOMAD to Glastonbury as well as guest spots at discerning nights up and down the country.


++ Miles Day (Sure Shot)

Our funky, worldly Sure Shot resident for about 4 years now

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