Donna Leake (NTS / Boiler Room) w/ Sure Shot DJs 11-03-17

Part time grafter at Brilliant Corners, London, full time music lover. Her sets spread far and wide, always depending on how she feels in the moment and for getting lost in the present. 

Music for open ears, open minds, open hearts and zero expectations.

She’s responsible for bringing crowds to sold out shows eager to dance to one of the best sound systems in London.

With a vast, eclectic vinyl collection that leaves other DJs full of envy, Donna’s sets take you on a journey and that’s why she’s travelled the world playing at the most respected festivals and clubs.

If you haven’t already, check her recent wide-ranging mixes [Funk, Jazz, Soul, Psych, Disco, World and plenty more] for NTS, Boiler Room, Worldwide FM and more!

Warming up we have our worldly, funky residents… The Sure Shot (Miles Day) & Hully Gully ( Veto + Double Cee) DJs. This is a Soundwave Croatia launch party and there’ll be some treats on the night.

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