13-04-19 RSD Party: Dusty Fingers Records

Yeeessss! We've made it to our first ever record store day!!

Thanks to everyone who has showed their love of vinyl at the store, we will be celebrating our love with a party from 10am.

We'll have a host of Cardiff's DJs in the store in the day. Coffee and booze will be served from our lovely pals at Gentileza and we'll be carrying on in the Blue Honey Cafe in the evening!

We've been told we aren't able to stock RSD releases this year, buuuuuut we've done one better and have 'Cardiff Story Museum Endowment & Fundraising Appeal' who will be selling 150 previous record store releases, mostly signed! List to follow! They will also be providing a 'Lost Music Venues expo' on display on the day!

DJs playing the event include a who's who of Cardiff's finest:

Andy Warphole (Blue Honey)
DJ Veto (Afro Cluster)
Miles Day (Sure Shot)
Adam From Space
Alfie Swan
Jake Cornford (Rotary Club)
Nick Rich Tea
Nick Lesson
Dominic Mayer (Thieves Of Baghdad)
Tom Bateman (Groove Theory)

Much Love Dusty xx

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